Restocking Links Home First layer; by troll's foot Third layer; on second shelf of bookcase Third layer; in bookcase, after opening door Third layer; in back closet on shelf First layer; outside on window sill First layer; hanging from roof rafter Fifth layer; appears on right after car backs away from  Whomping Willow Third layer; in lower left hand corner of Weasley's yard Third layer; in back closet on shelf Second layer; farthest sink, will crawl up the wall after mousing over First layer; between Ron and Slytherin student First layer; lower right hand cornerPurchase bat spleensBuy bezoarSecond layer, on ground, left corner of Hagrid's hut Third layer; right of middle Christmas tree First layer; on head of second tallestt student on left Second layer; plant right of center on back workbench First layer; left hand corner of Hagrid's hut Buy dried billywig stings Third layer, in wheel barrow Third layer, hanging on house left of Hagrid Buy flobberworm mucus Buy horklump juice First layer, in Ron's vomit Buy horned slugs First layer, by Ron's foot Buy knotgrass Buy lacewing flies Buy lavender Buy lethe river water Third layer, after wiping mirror clean, floor of second stall from right Buy leeches Buy mistletoe berries Buy porcupine quills Buy pufferfish eyes Buy snake fangs Buy spines of lionfish Buy unicorn horn Buy valerian sprigs Buy wolfsbane Fifth layer, right of train, about mid field After fending off spiders, left of boys, mid screen Second layer, right hand shelf unit, second shelf from bottom near door Fifth layer, right of car in field near back Second layer, to left of unicorn blood